The guy was supposed to do website related work for me and never followed through...I paid him, and then he quit doing anything and wouldn't give my money back.

I'm a very small home business and don't have a lot of money, but now I have even less because I trusted David and DigitalMaze would do the work! :-(

His websites are:



We don't know how to get him to give our money back...it really is hard to believe that someone so young can be so mean to business owners who do not know how to make a website.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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the only fraud here is Bill Bohack. digital maze did his marketing for BP Claims.

he he using the websites to scam people into believing he is an authority site that will maximises people claims. In truth he is selling the leads to any law firm that will pay. Bohack is a scam artist and owed digital maze marketing over 40.000 dollars in unpaid invoices. When we went after him and his company to get the payments he decided to try and makes us look like the frauds.

Digital maze has many years experience with hundreds of satisfied clients, all of which would gladly provide references for our work and commitment to them.

Bill Bohack operates hundreds of these types of claims sites, luring people in believing he knows something about thoer illness and compensation amounts.

When really he is a broker selling the lives of poor and sick poeple off to the attorneys of America.

Its people like Bill Bohack that bring shame to the USA, Google his name if you want to find out his true colors. And mr policeman that commented, yes fraud is indeed going on here, Bohacks fraud.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #750955

You can contact law enforcement if you have proof...this sounds like a clear case of fraud!

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